82nd MAP.jpg
 Leading a public walk with collaborator Sachi Arakawa.
 Cindy Louis, third-generation owner of the Canton Grill, leads a tour of the restaurant during lunchtime.
 Stefan, owner of A1 Birdbath.
 John, owner of Mojo Crepes, with employee Salena underneath the film from Yelena Roslaya-Vergulyanets’ project, Division Midway Stories.
 Jon, owner of Portland Music Company, shows the frame postcards by Christine Toth and signage of the project.
 UniVerse performing a work about living in East Portland
 Q&A with  The Numbers  filmmakers Sika Stanton and Donovan Smith and contributor Manny Lopez (UniVerse).
 Community members settling in at Canton Grill before the screening and discussion of  The Numbers .
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